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The origin and development trend of three dimensional manipu


2018-10-22 15:50
As the preferred robot in modern industry, the performance maneuverability of cubic manipulator is the top priority of every industrial enterprise.
The priority is how to compare the labor ability and coordination of human beings. Approval.

Humanoid manipulators, micro manipulators and micro-operating systems, robotic manipulators, intelligent manipulators and so on have been developed.
With the continuous development of manipulator technology, its application field is not only in the manufacturing industry, but also in the service industry
and life areas are slowly expanding, as well as the rapid development of military manipulators.
In recent years, the performance of industrial manipulators in foreign countries has been continuously improved, but the unit price of manipulators is declining.
In the aspect of structure, it also develops to modularization and reconfiguration, and the control system adopts the open controller of PC.
According to the analysis of the manufacturer of cubic manipulator, at present, some kinds of manipulator have mastered the design and manufacture technology of manipulator,
and solved the design and configuration of control and drive system (for example, secondary manipulator, handling manipulator, assembly manipulator, spraying manipulator,
arc welding manipulator, spot welding manipulator). And special manipulator. The key technology in software design and compilation is also very skilled, and there is a complete
set of automatic communication and coordinated control technology.
Generally speaking, the manufacturer of cubic manipulator introduced that China basically has the technical basis for independent development of manipulator. The development of
manipulator technology in China will be more and more advanced, and the varieties of manipulator will also become increasingly rich.

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